Life is better with the boat

This website is a resource for boaters to help discover new places to bring your boat or to stay out of town with your boat. In the event of a mishap or setback we will also help provide resources to repair your boat when you are away.

Our biggest contribution will be finding the lodging. Many of the other resources are linked for your convenience by some websites who have already taken time to collect the information.

What does it mean to be a “Boater”?

Boating is not just a sport or an activity. A true “Boater” feels it in their soul. A true boater longs for the next time they will be able to use the boat and create enjoyment.

To some, boating is merely a means to the end. The boat is a resource to help deliver what really makes them happy such as fishing, water-skiing, camping, tubing, or whale watching (to name a only a few).

The Meaning of Life

We are not pretending to have all of the answers to the universe but over time we have figured out that the meaning of life is to figure out what your meaning of life might be and do more of it. As a boater it is probably in your DNA to want to be “With the boat” as much as you can.

How do you pay for it?

Money is a resource needed to pay expenses and fund your journey in life. Some fortunate few boaters have found ways to not only get money but also to be around the love of their life, boating. Commercial fishermen, captains, mariners and even some vacation tour operators work on and around the water.

What does it take to be with the boat?

It all depends on what kind of boat that you have.

• Do you trailer it?
• It is already in a connected body of water?
• Do you need a boat ramp to launch it?
• What is the draft of your boat?
• Are there bridges to go under?
• Where will you get fuel?+

Day trips Vs Overnight Stays

The logistics for an overnight stay quadrupoles compared to a day trip. Once the boat is in the water, where does the boat stay overnight? Thee are not many hotels, motels, and bed and breakfast businesses that are on the water with open dock space.

Our Mission and Purpose?

The founder of WithTheBoat.com, Robert Kothe, is a lifelong boater and a Long Island New York Licensed Real Estate Salesperson. For the full back story click here for the about us section.

In short, Robert has done an enormous amount of research just to go on a Long Island East end vacation with his wife. It took weeks to find a hotel with a dock and a boat ramp. Since then, he continues to find places to get away with the boat.

Sharing Long Island New York.

As a Realtor, and a businessperson in Long Island New York, Robert wants to share one of the greatest boating regions, Long Island, NY. On a selfish note, Robert also realizes that there are still too many boating areas to experience. He might as well share his research with the world.

Not Going to re-invent the wheel

For as long as there were ways to record languages mankind was always making notes on travel and finding places. AAA has monopolized the automobile based travel guides and there are already cruising guides and resources for boaters. We are not going to re-create or copy them. At best we will help you find them.

Cruising and Waterway Guides:

There are some great cruising guides that already have some useful resources.

Waterway Guide

This Guide seems to have fuel, repairs and other marine resources. It is a well designed ap and a great resource for boaters.

CoastalBoating.net (Long Island Page)

Coastal boating feels more hand-researched and more detailed for the townships that they featured. Waterway guide is more complete and very automated so it is more comprehensive but less of a personalized feel. Use both resources for your travel needs.



This was a great discovery. This website does bookings for transient boaters all over the country and especially the long Island area. It is easy to use and has done its homework to include amenities, including gas and moorings.


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