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Millionaires Secrets Revealed By Robert Kothe

Don't Judge this Book by Its Cover

These days it seems like everybody wants to get rich quick. This is not a terrible thing. After all nobody want's to stay poor slowly. Do you? The challenge in publishing is that people really do "judge the book by it's cover". The purpose of the cover is to get you to open the book. When you open the book you decide if it is the book for you.

The cover and title for Millionaires' Secrets Revealed comes off almost as a tabloid title. When you open the book you find out that the information inside is realistic, practical and honest.

The truth is that if you did speak to as many self-made millionaires that the author, Robert Kothe did, you too would find out that what got most of the millionaires where they are today was honesty, persistence, hard-work and practical, down-to-earth thinking.

This practical, down-to-earth thinking is exactly what you will get inside of Millionaires' Secrets Revealed.

How did Millionaires Secrets Revealed Come about?

The author, Robert Kothe has always had an business-minded side burning deep inside his soul. He always had this strong feeling that he can be successful despite what all of the negative people in this world say. He surrounded himself with training tapes and books about business, the right attitude, and success books.

Book Information:

Author: Robert Kothe
Binding: Soft Cover
Pages: 128
Copyright: 2002
Publisher: Insight Publishing
Rights: Robert Kothe - (Self Published)
ISBN#: 188564068-4
Book Run: First Edition

The more he read the more he discovered commonalties. He even came across books written in the early 1800's and found much of the information hasn't changed since then. They just found new ways to communicate the information.

With all of these commonalties he could have drawn one of the following conclusions.

1 - Either everybody stole his or her information form the same source

or . . .

2 - The information might actually be true.

It's one thing to read the same information from books but Robert took it to the next level and simply spoke to as many successful people as he can find. Most of these people were guided by the same basic principles.

The "Secrets" or "Truths" inside the book

In Millionaires' Secrets Revealed much of the advice is referred to as "the truths". These are principles as consistent as the laws of gravity. You may be closed minded and not believe in gravity but that does not matter at all when you are free-falling out a 100 story building. In this case your belief system does not matter. Gravity will definitely win.

Knowing what has worked for others in not good enough. You must take action.

It's one thing to learn winning principles. Learning is not enough. You can use these principles to improve yourself or you can just know what they are and do nothing with the information. You must take action.

What action can you take right now?

Why don't you crack open the cover of the virtual version of the book and take advantage of the FREE DOWNLOAD? Read the first few chapters and decide for yourself if what we have been saying about this book is true. Click on this link or the Downloads link right now and begin your evaluation.

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