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Not Going to re-invent the wheel

For as long as there were ways to record languages mankind was always making notes on travel and finding places. AAA has monopolized the automobile based travel guides and there are already cruising guides and resources for boaters. We are not going to re-create or copy them. At best we will help you find them.


Cruising and Waterway Guides:

There are some great cruising guides that already have some useful resources.

Waterway Guide

This Guide seems to have fuel, repairs and other marine resources. It is a well designed ap and a great resource for boaters.

CoastalBoating.net (Long Island Page)

Coastal boating feels more hand-researched and more detailed for the townships that they featured. Waterway guide is more complete and very automated so it is more comprehensive but less of a personalized feel. Use both resources for your travel needs.


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