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Loves Garfield Book Calendar and Timeline

We plan on having a very active and interactive book release period including live multimedia events, book-signings, Personal appearances and other events.

Also included on this page is the projected timeline for the release of the book. Check back often to se the latest dates and appearances.

September 29, 2018 9 am to 12 pm (ish) - Pre-release Celebration – North Shore Animal League “Walk and Wag”

Since Cathy and Robert Kothe foster dogs for North Shore Animal League America, we have been invited to tell people about the book and also represent the foster table. Weather permitting, we will bring our own dog, Zeta who was our first foster over four years ago. She is a real crowd-pleaser and steals the show.

Join in on the fund-raiser and form a team for the walk and Wag. Click here to learn more.


June 18, 2023 – Collector’s Call TV - show Me TV

 If it is not June 18th yet you can soon see us on Me TV for the series hosted by Lisa Whelchel called Collector’s Call. Each week Lisa highlights some larger-than-life collections in the worlds of sports, collectables, Popular culture, entertainment, horror and much more.

This episode featuring Cathy’s collection is even more special to us  because our good friend and co-founder of the Garfield Gathering, Nancy Vega is featured as the resident expert on Garfield collectables.  We filmed in August of 2022 and it was edited and ready for Season four of the program in 2023.

The airing date is also somewhat relevant since Sunday June 18th is only one day before Garfield’s actual birthday of June 19th.

The format of Collector’s Call is as follows:

  Collector's Call is hosted by Lisa Whelchel. You may remember her as Blair from The Facts of Life. She's been spending the last few years traveling the country showcasing people's outrageous collections. They've highlighted Star Trek, Dr. Who and many other extraordinary collections. Many of the people shown are Guinness World Record holders.


In each episode there's an expert who appraises the items featured on the show. Nancy Vega, co-founder of the Garfield Gathering, was selected to be the expert.


The show will feature about a half dozen of the more unique items in Cathy's Garfield collection. We talk about where we purchased the item, how much it cost and what's it worth now.

We also had a  lot of fun getting off-track talking about the Garfield Gathering, the Paws Room, and other significant events for Garfield collectors.

IMDb …. Who US?

As an interesting side effect from being on the show, Nancy, Cathy, and I now have an IMDb page and credits as ourselves in this episode.  I hope we do not have to now join the Actor’s guild.

Here is a link to the episode's IMDB Page

September 29, 2018 to October 27, 2018 – Book Pre-Launch Sale

Any books that are pre-ordered within the pre-launch period will receive a pre-order discount. All books will begin to be fulfilled by on October 28,2018 when the pre-order period is complete.

October 28, 2018 – Book Release Date

Pres play to view video

October 12.2018 Long Island Business Resource Association (LIBRA) Networking Group

On October 12, 2018 Robert Kothe spoke with LIBRA Networking on the business aspect of publishing a book in today’s world. Here is an excerpt on how his wife, Cathy Kothe, the World Record Holder, got started.

Book Tour Multimedia Presentation

We will be doing an extensive book tour and book signing with a very unique multimedia presentation.

Spoiler Alert: WARNING – DO NOT WATCH THE FOLLOWING VIDEO if you want to be completely surprised at a book event. The video is made up of excerpts of the content from the presentation. If you do watch it, please pretend to be surprised at the actual event.

Garfield Gathering June 19-22, 2019 – Hershey PA

June 22, 2019 – Book Signing and Multimedia Presentation

After the Saturday sale and swap meet and before the auction Cathy and Robert Kothe will be presenting the multimedia presentation that they are performing at libraries and bookstores throughout the year. We are happy to sign and personalize any books throughout the Garfield Gathering event and after the presentation.
Check the Garfield Gathering Website and Nancy’s Plush Toys for more details.

You can also follow the Garfield Gathering Facebook Page.

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