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Long Island Business Resource Association

"For the Business People, By the Business People"

About LIBRA – Long Island Business Resource Association

Legend has it that LIBRA was started by a small group of business people who met every now and then to network and help each other out. They experienced success with even a small group so it was suggested that they invite more people.

At one point a newspaper ad was also placed to invite attendees.

Today several hundred business people came and went into the Libra meeting. Membership is informal and you are not required to show up. Those who attend regularly are rewarded with business relationships that result in new business.

We invite you to pop by when we have a meeting and make some friends.

Our Format:

At 8am about once a month people start coming in and the coffee starts flowing.

Old friends immediately greet each other and new faces are met and introduced to whoever they make eye contact with.

Our $20 is collected to cover the breakfast food and your business card is slid into a business card holder.

At around 8:30, the slightly less random formalities begin. Typically, each meeting will have a speaker who volunteers from the membership pool. They usually provide some insight about their industry that they specialize in. It also gives a better understanding about how the speaker is different from his or her competitors.

After the 15 minute overview the speaker takes questions about his or her industry and business. When people are out of questions we move on to the next part.

We conclude with every member going around the table and giving his or her 30 second (or so) commercial. We do this until everyone is introduced.

After the formalities time is left so that you can go right up to someone who you did not meet earlier and introduce yourself. You are out the door by 10:00am

Now that you know how we work. Come network with us.

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