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Robert Kothe, the founder of WithTheBoat.com has grown up boating and had his first power boat at the age of 12. In High School Robert took a community sponsored sailing class and learned how to sail. Robert’s mixed experiences came in handy when he married Cathy who also grew up first with a 31-foot power boat followed by a 37-foot sailboat.

Like Robert,Boating was a part of Cathy’s DNA. Having gone through a range personal power boats from a 17-foot runabout up to a 32-foot cabin cruiser, Cathy and Robert also volunteer on a 60-foot oyster sloop, the Priscilla, run by Long Island Maritime Museum.

The Inspiration

Every year Robert’s family went to a resort in Lake George New York and always trailered a family boat. As the boats got newer or nicer it would always go on vacation with them. By the time the boats were too big to trailer, Robert himself was a teenager and had his own smaller boat. The family would use Robert’s boats on vacation to get out on the lake.

For the few, rare years that Roberts family went to Lake George without a boat, they still managed to rent a pontoon boat and condense their love of boating into a day or two.

In August of 2020 having just returned from a one-week vacation to Lake George with the boat, Robert was sitting out in has back yard soul-searching why Lake George trips are so magical. The answer came to him. It is because they were “With the Boat”.

For one of Cathy’s birthdays they trailer the boat to the east end of Long Island and stayed a hotel owned by a marina. It was not only one of the most enjoyable boat trips they ever had, but the marina also came in handy to repair the engine and get them back on the water.

Always looking to be “With the boat”.

Prior to Cathy’s birthday boating trip, exhaustive research was done to find a hotel

that had a dock. They not only needed a dock and a hotel but also needed a boat ramp and a place to store the trailer when it was detached.

It took weeks to come up with a place to stay and one could only wonder how many more waterfront sanctuaries exist if you want to go away with the boat.

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