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Meet Robert Kothe, Author of Millionaires' Secrets Revealed

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Is your organization looking for a speaker? As Regis asks, "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Just about everyone says they do but they never thought about the steps and commitment it takes to start the journey.

Money does not solve all of your problems. This seminar is not about empty wealth. It is about knowing what contribution each individual wants to leave to this world and finding the time and resources to accomplish his/her legacy.

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We also operate a New York Public Speaking Resource for people who share their public speaking abilities.

This website has a handful od speakers who are available for free or for pay within their geographical comfort zone.
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It has been said that if you want to get something done, find out who has already done it and ask them what they did. That is exactly what Robert Kothe did when he wrote his book
'Millionaires' Secrets Revealed".

As a speaker, Robert Kothe is inspiring, thought provoking, and fun. He offers a raw, no-nonsense approach to his subject matter.

To get more information about Robert Kothe's availability and subjects contact us at 631-427-3292.

Garfield Collectors Content

Robert Kothe’s wife, Cathy is actually the world record holder for Garfield Collectibles. Cathy and Robert also are very involved with organizing the Garfield Collector’s convention known as the “Garfield Gathering”.

In 2011 Cathy and Robert hosted the Garfield Gathering on Long Island New York,

Cathy and Robert are also the co-authors of “Loves Garfield” the Semi-Official Garfield Collectors Handbook (With forward from Jim Davis (the creator od Garfield). Cathy and Robert have created several versions of a multimedia presentation built around “Loves Garfield” and their life experiences.

This puts them in a unique position to be very qualified to speak about, consult, and make public appearances around the subject of Garfield Collectibles.

Also check out to see some of Cathy;s collection and learn more about the Garfield Collectors community. This is the highest traffic website in the Garfield Collectors community.

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