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Long Island Business Resource Association

"For the Business People, By the Business People"

LIBRA Networking – 2022 

LIBRA Networking is a Long Island, NY based networking group that has been casually meeting for almost 20 years. The emphasis is on casual since there are no membership fees and even in the past when we met at diners and other restaurants, any money collected went to cover our breakfast.

Given the current situation we have been meeting using Zoom calls every two weeks. The first and third Friday of every month at 9am.

Still Room for a Few More

Although we are running out of seats in the room (when we met in-person), there is still room for a few more non-competitive categories.

We say non-competitive however some members actually prefer others from their industry to be in the meeting so it should be at the discretion of the current active members of they don’t mind direct competition to join us.

If you want to be part of a solid group, with great speakers, great people and no dues (we just pay for our own breakfast (when we meet in-person)) Contact one of the organizers to see if you might fit in.

Our Contact information is below:

Robert Kothe
Licensed NYS Real Estate Salesperson with Signature Premier Properties
and owner of Factxback Websites and Videos
(631) 427-3292 (business line do not text)

Charlie Razenson
Unique Impressions Embroidery and Promotional Products

About LIBRA:

LIBRA is an informal networking meeting that meets once a month to help business people create networking relationships with other business people. By the word “casual” we still dress to impress but we barely have any rules.

No Rules, Just Networking:

"Respectful exclusivity" and limited membership restrictions
Anyone can volunteer to be a speaker
No dress code. Business attire is typical, but if you want to leave the wrong impression it’s your right.
No attendance requirements. Attend some, miss some.
No dues or membership fees. You just pay $20 to cover your breakfast (when we meet in person) when you attend. Zoom calls are free. 

We are open to suggestions. Suggestions have gotten us a golf outing and a holiday party. (If paint ball were popular enough I’m sure we would try it. Heck, we all could name a few business people who we would want to shoot at. )

Where and When We Meet.

The location will be:

You know ..... We are niot sure. We have not met in-person for two years. 

We meet twice a month over Zoom calls.

How to become a member:

Contact Robert Kothe to see if there is a possible conflict and RSVP so the Hotel has an accurate count. Robert Kothe (631) 427-3292 or

Can I bring a friend?

Bring two. Please let us know the count first and who they are.

What about exclusivity regarding my industry?

There is "respectful exclusivity".

Certain members are so reliable and so regular that we would like to reserve their category as exclusive. They earned the right by consistently attending LIBRA meetings. Other categories and people come and go like a revolving door. Please call or email Robert Kothe to see if your industry has room.

Robert Kothe (631) 427-3292

Why do other networking groups have exclusivity?

The confusion lies in the fact that there are other strategic networking meetings where membership is limited to one attendee per industry. Some of these meetings cost several thousand dollars per year to attend. If you were paying several thousand dollars to attend a meeting it is only fair to demand exclusivity within the networking environment.

But is exclusivity really exclusive?

Even in networking groups where membership is controlled it is impossible to provide exclusive arrangements.

Have you ever seen this at an exclusive meeting?

“Hi, I’m Tom, I am the meetings automobile insurance broker. I really do all types of insurance and financial analysis as well as provide driving lessons, but I’m only allowed to talk about auto insurance at this meeting. Becky over there represents homeowners insurance and Roy is the group’s financial advisor and Jim is with a driving school, so you are supposed to talk to them for the other stuff that I do.”

Let’s be honest, in this day and age diversity protects your income so it is not uncommon for a real-estate broker to also provide mortgages and a screen printer to also sell specialty imprinted items and embroidery. We are not poking fun at exclusive meetings, but it is nearly impossible for the organizers to provide a truly exclusive mix of people. Toes are going to be stepped on.

So how do I make an impression when I am in a room with a competitor or two?

To start with, longevity is important. Drifters who attend only one meeting every now and then are easily forgotten and barely leave an impression. If you attended regularly, you would be easily recognized and personal imprinting will take place.

Most important, the meeting after the meeting.

Even the most eloquent speaker cannot impress a room so that the entire room is ready to do business with her or him just from a “two-minute commercial”. A good elevator speech may show that you talk the talk, but you still need to prove that you walk the walk.

Most important is to make a connection after the meeting. Get a business card. Pull out your appointment books and pick a day and time to get together over a cup of coffee.

It is there at the Starbucks, The Panera Bread, or especially the Au Bon Pain in Woodbury (where we meet) where you can get to know each other better. These days, a Zoom or phone call will do. 

So, does that mean that members are listed in no particular order?

Absolutely not. There is still favoritism based on leadership and participation. While most members casually come and go and attend the meetings there is a small group of founders and volunteers who are providing their time, energy and resources when the meeting is weeks away. I’m sure you agree that it is only fair to list this small base of hard workers higher on the listings. These are unpaid positions. This also sends a signal to others who wish to pitch in that there is still a minor reward to providing extra effort.

So how do I get listed as a member?

1) Write something.
2) Email it to with the subject "LIBRA Bio"
3) Be patient. The website developer is a volunteer just like the rest of the organizers who owns and operates a busy and successful business. He is also a really nice guy, a little chubby but cute in some ways. OK you caught me. I wrote this section.

We are developing the website in sections so check back to watch it evolve.

Thank you for visiting our website and we hope to see you at the next LIBRA meeting.

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