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Loves Garfield the semi-official garfield collectors handbook

by Cathy and Robert Kothe

The Year was 1999

Computers Used Dial-Up Modems

Ebay was a new way to connect to the entire world

Combine eBay and dial up and you have a cruel trick:


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Because of eBay and slow dial-up speeds, Cathy Kothe told her husband to be the first people on the block to get high-speed Internet access.

This was the beginning to the largest verified Garfield collection in the world. Cathy officially has 6190 items without duplication and over 12,000 Garfield items in all.  

Today Cathy Kothe officially holds the Guinness World record for Garfield collectibles.

Cathy and Robert are also very active in the Garfield collectors community including:

  • Published in the 2015 Guinness Book of World Records
  • Hosted the 2011 Garfield Gathering
  • Attended the Garfield 25th birthday cruise
  • Robert is the Auctioneer and frequent game host for the Garfield Gathering
  • They Help Organize the Garfield Gathering
  • Cathy and Robert have been to and documented the "Garfield Trail" in Indiana   
  • Cathy's website is a favorite in the Garfield collectors community 
  • Robert's company has Created many Garfield collectors Videos

Out of Cathy and Robert's experiences inspired their book, "Loves Garfield - The Semi-Official Garfield Collectors Handbook".  This book is like no other Garfield book ever made. It gets into the minds of collectors and explains the community as individuals and as a group.

This book also highlights:

  • The Garfield Gathering, Garfield collectors convention
  • Photos and descriptions of some of the best Garfield collectibles
  • The "Muncie Trail" in Indiana, where Garfield statues are all over the community where Jim Davis grew up
  • The best places to purchase Garfield collectibles
  • How to sell a Garfield collection
  •  Stories from the Garfield 25th birthday cruise
  • Stories about their personal website, one of the highest traffic Garfield collectors websites
  • Stories about the Guinness World Record for Garfield collectibles
  • eBay search tips to help find the Garfield items that you desire
  • Stories about meeting Jim Davis the creator of Garfield several times 
  • Fun stories about Newspaper appearances, TV features and other media,  

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