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Long Island Business Resource Association

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LIBRa networking - Members


Important Note

Do not let the absence of profiles fool you. LIBRA has had hundreds of participants on a rotational basis. The profiles here only represent the members who have gotten around to sending in their profiles and have consistent attendance to meetings, .

Webmaster note:
I would like to thank any of the members who have not sent in their profiles yet. Less work for me!

Residential Real Estate

Robert Kothe

Business Marketing - Websites, Video Production

Robert Kothe

Audio Video Integration

Robert Kothe

Printing, Packaging and Promotion

Charles Razenson


Charles Razenson

Financial Advisor - Financial Consulting - Brokerage

Category Taken
Name not posted due to compliance concerns

Insurance & Financial Services

Category Taken
Name not posted due to compliance concerns


Larry Weiss

limousine and specialized transportation

Matt Silver

Computer Consultants and Repair

Steven Burstyn

Patrick Hardy

Entertainment, Magic, Comedy

Marty Greenstein

Commercial Real Estate Financing

Lisa Rodino

Social Networking

Matthew Schuller

Commercial Finance, & Investment Real Estate Finance

Lisa Rodino

Business Financing

Lisa Rodino

Management and Leadership Consultants

Marc Miller, Ph.D.


Bill Solz

Coaching and Consulting

Michael R. Breitman

Fine Jewelry and Corporate Gifts


Eye Care

Arthur Singer

Business Development and networking

Lisa Rodino

Tom Gibson

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