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WithTheBoat.com Fire Island, NY

Life is better with the boat

This one is a bit of a connect the dots situation. Our goal was to list hotels with docks. Here’s the funny thing about parts of Fire Island, most of fire island do not allow cars. Some hotels use golf carts to shuttle around the guests. So therefore, the connect the dots moment is that you simply need to connect the marinas to the hotels and presto, you have a “With the Boat” vacation.


Depending on the size of your boat, a hotel is not necessary. Cruisers can stay on their boats and enjoy fire island from the amenities of the marina.

Fire Island Marinas

Fire Island Pines Marina

Address: 55 Picketty Ruff Walk, Sayville, NY 11782
Phone: (631) 597-9581

Fire island Pines Marina (Above)

Concession Fire Island

Address: 1 Sailors Haven Walk, Yaphank, NY 11980
Phone: (631) 597-6171


Concession Fire Island map above

Seaview Boat Basin, Seaview New York

Address: Evergreen Walk, Ocean Beach, NY 11770
Open ⋅ Closes 7PM
Phone: (631) 583-9380
Appointments: dockwa.com

Seaview Boat Basin Map Above

Clegg's Hotel

478 Bayberry Walk Ocean Beach NY 11770-2013
Phone: (631) 583-9292

Clegg's Hotel Map above

The Palms

(631) 583-8870

168 Cottage Walk

Ocean Beach, NY 11770-0431


The Palms Map above

Blue Waters Hotel Fire Island

642 Bayberry Walk,

Ocean Beach, NY 11770

(631) 583-8295


Blue Waters Hotel Fire Island map above

Atlantique Marina

Address: 10 Shore Walk, Bay Shore, NY 11706
Phone: (631) 583-8610


Atlantique Marina map above

Saltaire Marina
North, Atlantic Ave, Ocean Twp

Saltaire Marina map above

Housers Hotel on the Bay map below

Housers Hotel on the Bay


Listed to have 10 rooms for lodging. The building is right on the water. We are unsure who manages the docks right in front, but it is so close to other marinas that no matter what, this one qualifies for the website.

785 Evergreen Walk
Ocean Beach, NY 11770




updated 3/3/21 thanks to "Long Island Boating" Facebook Group

Fire Island Beach House

This hotel is not right on the water but t is close enough. As we mentioned already, Everything on Fire Island could be considered boat friendly. After all ... It's an island.

25 Cauga Walk Ocean Bay Park NY 11770 USA

email: info@thefibh.com


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