Website Design

Website Design

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Technology has evolved over only the past few years. The Internet has been greatly affected by improvements in technology and devices such as smart phones.

These days, a new website should be mobile-friendly since a lot of people use their cell phones to access the Internet. The best mobile-friendly technology available today is called “responsive websites” a responsive website can adapt to the type and size of the screen that is viewing it. Click here to see an example of many adaptive website features.

Why do so many companies choose Websites and Videos to help them build and host their Web site?

  • NOT a Templated System
  • Local Presence on Long Island, NY (Us)
  • Unlimited 24/7 Technical Support (in Nevada USA)
  • Large Company Supporting the Product
  • Support in many languages
  • 99.99% Up-Time
  • No HTML or programming
  • 10 Gig of Storage
  • E-commerce Enabled Websites 

Small businesses across the country are choosing Factxback's professional and affordable Web solution to develop and host their Web presence because we are serious about helping you make your Web site a success!

This area has a photo that changes based on the device size. This is done by showing and hiding images.

Watch a Responsive Website at work

Responsive Websites are Mobile Friendly This entire website is a responsive website. A responsive website has the ability to move content around, grow, shrink, show, and hide elements based on the size and type of device viewing it. In this area we will exaggerate the responsive capabilities just to demonstrate some of its key features. recommends to our clients the use of responsive websites. They are mobile friendly and they are adaptive. Google rewards sites that pass the mobile friendly testing.

The image below was set to always be 75% of the screen area

The above image was set to always be 75% of the screen area. The above image is a stock photo. We often purchase royalty free, stock photos for a more professional look. By licensing the images you are not likely to be sued for royalty infringements.

Notice how the long limo goes from 1/2 the page on the upper line. The limo is defined as 45% of the page since it is a longer photo. This gives it prospective compared to the cars next to it. The limo changes to full page almost right away.

This Limo will Start as top middle, it moves to the second row on the left and finishes on its own line.

This limo starts in the upper right, moves to the upper right of the second row and finishes on its own line.

Limo images are taken and cleaned up by websites and Videos and are courtesy of Ultimate Class Limo and Ground Transportation. This line has been set up to be full width for the entire time. The text will wrap as the screen gets tighter.