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Community Service and Society

We heard on the news that Long Island New York has one of the highest rates of volunteerism in the world. It should be no surprise that we too embrace the Long Island, New York way and believe in giving back. Below are a few of the not-for-profit organizations that we are active in.

HIA-LI / Long Island Cares Food Drive

The HIA-LI Food Drive is reported to be the second largest food drive in the country. For many years we have brought in just under 100,000 pounds of food to help our partner, Long Island Cares.

Long Island Cares was founded by the famous singer Harry Chapin and even after his passing, his spirit and mission lives on today.

Robert Kothe, Owner of Websites and Videos has been on the HIA-LI food drive committee since 2007. Since 2011, Robert Kothe was the co-chair of the committee until 2017. Websites and Videos has also provide free video and website support to help the mission. Factxback created for free the website to help simplify the food drive mission. The website was used for many years to help promote the HIA-LI food drive. The videos are still on YouTube.

We also donated our graphic design skills to make new posters to help support the HIA-LI food drive. Since Long Island Cares also helps veterans and families with pets, we wanted to communicate this message in the graphics.

Foster of the Year 2015 North Shore Animal League

Robert and Cathy Kothe were honored to be the foster parents of the year for North Shore Animal League America, NSAL is the largest no-kill animal shelter and adoption agency in the world.

Robert and Cathy started fostering in mid 2014 and were very enthusiastic about it. Except for when they went on vacations, there has always been at least one foster dog in their home year round. The most dogs in the house at once was five.

Video and photo support

Being in the business of marketing, Robert and Factxback are able to donate video production, photography and presentations to help dogs get adopted as well as support other NSAL efforts such as “Adoptathon”, a 36 hour event that places over 500 animals every year (in one weekend).